Endoca CBD oil 15% (1500 mg) non-decarboxylated


Discover the hemp seed oil with 1500 mg of non-decarboxylated CBD of the brand Endoca! This CBD oil is very concentrated and you only have to take one or two drops of oil to quickly feel the effects of cannabidiol on your body. It is recommended to administer this oil rather in the evening because you may feel somnolence effects, in any case you should avoid taking too much of this oil before driving your vehicle.

This oil has not been heated (non-decarboxylated) and so you will have to activate it yourself to transform CBDa into CBD. This can be done for example in your cooking or you just add a few drops of CBD oil to your dishes before cooking.

Also find this Endoca oil with CBD 1500 mg decarboxylated.

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