Decocarboxylated Endoca CBD 300mg Hemp Oil Capsules


Endoca capsules made from hemp oil in which 300 milligrams of CBD have been added. These vegan capsules are perfect for taking a quick daily dose of cannabidiol: just swallow one or two capsules with a full glass of water and it’s over! Each capsule contains 10 mg of decarboxylated CBD, it is a basic concentration that will allow you to test the effects of cannabidiol on your body, if you feel improvements in your condition you can then double the dose or go to capsules of hemp oil 1500 mg CBD + CBDa Endoca.

To make this product, Endoca uses a biological hemp seed oil in which is dissolved a certain amount of CBD crystals (here 300 mg per bottle), the oil is then integrated in a vegan gel to form a capsule to be swallowed with a glass of water.

By buying this product you have the Endoca brand which produces organic hemp free of pesticides and pollutants such as mercury or lead. Endoca organic hemp is produced in the USA and also in Europe and there is a heavy traceability and analysis protocol by an independent laboratory, which guarantees you a CBD oil of the highest quality!

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