Decocarboxylated Endoca 15% (1500 mg) CBD oil

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Discover the flagship product of the Endoca brand: CBD oil 1500 mg (15%) in decarboxylated version, it is a hemp seed oil in which 1500 mg of CBD crystals have been added. have been diluted to make it a high concentration CBD oil! This oil is the most sold product by Endoca because it is the easiest way to take CBD.

This product is powerful and it is for people who already know the effects of CBD and want to assimilate a high dose of CBD, if you have never tried Endoca CBD oil, it is recommended to start with a concentration of 3% (300 mg) in oil or capsule format.

It is best to take this CBD oil in the evening to avoid any drowsiness effect.

It is advisable to use the pipette to drop 2 or 3 drops of oil then to circulate the liquid in your mouth and under your tongue to end up swallowing it. This will allow the product to act faster because some will be absorbed by your oral mucosa and the rest will be digested by your intestines and stomach.

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1 review for Decocarboxylated Endoca 15% (1500 mg) CBD oil

  1. CBD Medic

    Endoca oil with 15% CBD (1500mg per bottle) is the formula that suits me best to sleep. I take 3 drops of the product that I let act under the tongue for 1 or 2 minutes before going to sleep, the CBD takes a little time to take effect. Before I took melatonin and it allows me to sleep quietly without being in the coaltar the next day.

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