Capsules of raw hemp oil (non-decarboxylated) Endoca 300 mg CBD + CBDa


Discover the benefits of CBD oil with Endoca! These capsules are made from Endoca brand organic hemp oil in which is added 300 mg of CBD + CBDa. Note that this oil is not decarboxylated. 300mg Endoca capsules are great if you want to take advantage of CBD in small concentration to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the side effects like drowsiness.

In this box you will have 30 capsules with 10 mg of CBD (non-decarboxylated), it is a financially accessible product that will allow you to try CBD on your body. We recommend taking one or two capsules with a full glass of water the evening after the meal. If you do not see any effects on you, you can double the daily dose or try the decarboxylated oil (see below).

This product is also available in a decarboxylated version: Endoca decarboxylated CBD oil capsule 300 mg .

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