If you are interested in the world of CBD or even medical cannabis, you have probably heard of this famous term “decarboxylation”. In this article we will go into the details of this method which acts chemically on the hemp plant and on the molecules it contains.

You will quickly realize that this process is very important depending on how you take CBD!

Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that usually occurs through the heat during which an organic compound loses a molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2). During this change of state the organic compounds lose carbon dioxide molecules in the form of H2O water and CO2 smoke.

An important process to activate CBD !

In a hemp or cannabis plan, you should know that the famous THC and CBD molecules are present in different forms: THCa and CBDa. The body does not assimilate CBDa and CBD in the same way, in fact it’s simple the body does not have cannabinoid receptors for CBDa and the endocannabinoid system will not be able to assimilate these molecules in this form!

To decarboxylate CBDa in CBD it will be necessary to heat your material between 160 ° and 180 ° for 20 to 30 minutes, if you want to decarboxylate THCa in THC, or other cannabinoids (for medical treatments in agreement with your doctor) you can see the following diagram for all cooking temperatures:

If you consume CBD oil or non-decarboxylated crystals you will simply not notice any of the effects of CBD! And that’s where many beginners make this mistake and end up giving up the CBD because “it does not matter” while others say they have to wait or take larger doses of CBD and end up aborting the drug. experience ….

Smoking or vaping CBD allows “natural” decarboxylation

Many people are totally unaware of the chemical process of decarboxylation because in France there is a large culture of joint and dab with cannabis that is smoked and inhaled. In fact, during the combustion of a joint at a temperature of more than 400 °, THCa is converted into THC, which activates the desired “hovering” effect. This is also true for CBD when you smoke CBD flowers or vapot e-liquid CBD, but on the other hand, decarboxylation is not done when you consume CBD oil or crystals (directly under the tongue ), that is why you must first carry out a decarboxylation of your product (or that you buy one already decarboxylated).

Compare CBD products

On the Internet there are many brands that play on the wave of cannabidiol with the desire to get rich and without taking precautions on the quality of the product they sell and the fact that the CBD is decarboxylated or not. …

But do not worry, we have already made a selection of the best products in the CBD with each time the decarboxylated mention or not 🙂

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