Please note that CBD e-liquids must not contain THC according to the French CBD regulations. If you live in a country other than France, please read the regulations of your country.

CBD-based e-liquids are more and more popular because they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD without having to smoke it. As you know the smoke of e-cigs is much less toxic than smoking a cigarette with burning at temperatures of 500 to 1000 degrees Celsius.

You should know that there are different types of e-liquid CBD: high concentration boosters, PG / VG mix with added CBD, CBD crystals to add to your own blends etc. .. the choice is vast! So in this article we will see the difference between all these preparations and which one to choose according to your needs.

CBD is one of the components of cannabis. Contrary to popular belief, CBD is not a psychoactive component, that is, it has no effect on consciousness. According to studies, CBD consumption could have many health benefits.

What is e-Liquid CBD?

CBD e-liquid resembles a normal e-liquid used in an electronic cigarette, except that CBD is a marijuana or cannabis infused product rather than nicotine. Both are used as a fluid for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or vaporizers (vapes).

The CBD e-liquid is also known as CBD juice and cannabis juice. It is considered a convenient and beneficial way to consume CBD. Consuming e-liquid CBD does not cause the person to hover; it only provides the healing properties of marijuana or cannabis.

Cannabidinol, the active ingredient of e-liquid CBD, is primarily used for its medicinal properties. It has been used medically for a very long time.

Benefits of E-liquid CBD

Practical and discreet

While many places around the world have banned public smoking, vaporizers, sprays and electronic cigarettes have become more widely accepted. There is no combustion with the vaporization. This means that you do not burn anything and do not inhale dangerous carcinogens. The vaporization process produces steam, which is less dangerous than smoke and much more discreet. It also means that you can take out your vaporizer and make a few discreet puffs without the whole world looking at you. Vape pens are small, practical and discreet. This means you can easily slip them into your pocket, purse or purse.

Healthier alternative to smoking

Tobacco and smoking-related deaths can account for up to 6 million deaths a year worldwide. The CBD e-liquid is vaporized and not smoked, which means that there is no combustion or smoke like traditional smoking methods. CBD e-liquid can be a great way to reduce the side effects of quitting while consuming a healthier product.

No doctor’s prescription required

Unlike THC and marijuana products, CBD products do not contain THC and require no prescription or prescription from your doctor. Spraying CBD can have a calming effect, easing the effects of stress, anxiety and mood disorders. If you are trying to stay focused, then the CBD e-liquid could be exactly what you need.

E-Liquid CBD has relaxing properties

If you have trouble relaxing and resting at the end of a long day, then the CBD e-liquid offers you a unique way to reduce your stress at work. Offering a sensation similar to that of tobacco, the CBD e-liquid is ideal for people who are trying to quit smoking and find a better alternative to cigarettes or tobacco. Spraying can be a relaxing way to enjoy the CBD late in the day.

Effects of e-liquid CBD

CBD-infused e-liquid is used by many people to meet a variety of challenges. We suggest you do your research to learn more. However, it can not be said with certainty that it can prevent or cure any disease. More importantly, it does not have side effects, it does not create dependency and you can not get high with CBD juice. In fact, healthy people can take the CBD oil e-liquid as a preventive measure or simply to help them relax after a hard day’s work.

Assay of the CBD e-liquid

Everyone metabolizes CBD differently, so there is no standard for vaporizing liquids containing electronic CBD juice. When starting out, you should choose the lowest dosage, even if there is no limit to the amount of spraying you can do with the CBD e-liquid. The daily dose for hemp e-liquid must depend on your physical condition and the amount that your body can bear. That’s why you should start with a few puffs, see how you feel, then increase or decrease depending on the effect you are trying to create.

Side effects and risk of e-liquid CBD

The risk you take with CBD electronic juice is if you buy a brand containing propylene glycol. PG is a brightening preservative that you do not want to ingest in large quantities, even if it is approved by the pharmacopoeia and food design offices. In fact, at high temperatures, PG becomes toxic and can cause a number of problems, such as asthma, while prolonged use can lead to liver and kidney problems and even cancer. Do not use CBD electronic products containing PG, but products containing vegetable glycerin. It is also a carrier fluid that helps to dilute CBD in a juice or liquid. And like the PG, it has a neutral flavor.

Legality of E-liquid CBD in France

CBD and CBD products are legal in France on the condition that they contain only 0.2% THC.

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