We are talking more and more about CBD oil and the potential benefits that this molecule can have on your health but when we start to get into the details of the different oils that exist on the market, we end up quickly lost!

Indeed it is not uncommon to see huge price differences from one oil to another and this is particularly confusing when one simply wants to try the CBD. In this article you will discover the different oils that exist and why there is such a difference in price from one product to another.

The different types of CBD oils

To understand the important price differences from one oil to another one must actually look at the concentration of CBD in the final product. CBD is a molecule that is expensive to produce and extract from the plant and the price of one gram of pure CBD ranges from 40 to 100 €!

When you buy CBD oil you buy pressed hemp seed oil in which pure cbd (crystal form) is added. These soluble crystals are diluted in hemp seed oil to obtain CBD oil. The amount of CBD crystals added will define the final concentration of the product.

For example, to obtain a 10 ml bottle of 10% CBD oil, 1ml of pure CBD should be added in 9ml of hemp seed oil. So you understand that the price of an oil is mainly dependent on the amount of CBD added and not the amount of hemp seeds needed for its realization.

Cannabidiol oils 3%

This 3% dosage is ideal to start with CBD, this low dosage will provide notorious effects in the long run but will allow you to learn the CBD without breaking the bank! Here are the best brands on the market:

Cannabidiol oil isolated (isolate)

In this oil there is no longer terpene or cannabinoids other than CBD. CBD was isolated by different chemical and mechanical processes (distillation, supercritical CO2 extraction, etc …) and the final molecule is found in 99.9% pure crystals. These crystals are diluted in a hemp seed oil to obtain the final product.

This product is certainly not easy to manufacture but consumers prefer it to other oils for its purity and the fact that it is legal in all countries of the world. By selecting only the CBD from the plant have made sure that there will be no pollutants, wax and THC. The process of manufacturing this oil is complex and not achievable by anyone: it takes more than 150,000 € for machinery and laboratory equipment, a supercritical CO2 extractor alone costs 80,000 €!

Manufacturing process

Here are the steps to follow in order to achieve isolate:

  • Harvesting hemp / cannabis plans
  • Trimming
  • Extraction by supercritical CO2
  • winterization
  • Filtration
  • Fractional distillation
  • decarboxylation
  • Separation chromatographyAt this stage you get the famous 99% pure CBD crystals! Then it remains to mix with hemp seed oil and to fill the vials and packaging!

I think you now understand better why a small 10ml bottle can cost from 35 € to 200 €;) (depending on the concentration in CBD)!

Full spectrum concentrate

In full spectrum CBD oil, you will find all the molecules of hemp in their original proportions. Full spectrum concentrates are made with a solvent (usually ethanol) that will separate the cannabinoids, wax and terpenes from industrial hemp or cannabis. The result is a thick, black and pasty oil that contains all the benefits of the plant.

The problem of these oils in full spectrum is that they contain most of the time THC and are therefore prohibited for consumption in France!

Yet these oils have the advantage of containing cannabinoids but also terpenes which allows to generate a surrounding effect that seems to activate more effectively the different cannabinoids in the human body. The entourage effect is currently being studied in the United States but no conclusions are currently available.

Board spectrum / wide spectrum oil

The broad spectrum oil is similar to the full spectrum except that the latter has been distilled to remove some cannabinoids such as THC. These oils are legal in France because most do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol but learn before you buy because some oil still retain small traces of THC which makes them illegal for consumption in France!

This oil is created thanks to an extra step compared to full spectrum oil: distillation via a RotoVap. This extra step can make some terpenes and cannabinoids disappear and you have to learn about the composition of the latter depending on what you are looking for.

Broad spectrum oil is therefore a good compromise to enjoy the benefits of CBD and the surrounding effects of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

How to use CBD oil?

Under the tongue: The simplest method is to take a few drops under the tongue and let act a few minutes until the CBD is assimilated by the mucous membranes of your tongue. This is the fastest way to assimilate the product, then you can swallow the oil which will then be digested by stomach in the next hours.

If you use a low CBD oil you will need to let it work longer and circulate the liquid to maximize assimilation.

In capsule: You will also find CBD oil in capsules, just swallow them and let your stomach do the rest with digestion.

Suppository: CBD oil also exists in suppositories, it is an effective way to assimilate CBD by the mucous membranes of the rectum. This method is just as effective as the sublingual method.

Can we smoke CBD oil?

It’s a very bad idea to want to smoke CBD oil !!

As explained above CBD oil is always accompanied by hemp or coconut oil and so you will expose yourself to carcinogens during combustion! The CBD oil must be assimilated orally, the best is to put a few drops under the tongue and let act 1 or 2 minutes.

On the other hand it is possible to vapot e-liquid CBD with an electronic cigarette. This requires a PG / VG e-liquid in which crystals of pure CBD have been added, then you can choose the final concentration of cannabidiol among the different options. There are liquids already prepared or you can do it yourself in DIY (do it yourself): For this you just need to acquire your base PG / VG and add CBD criteria that you will dilute in your solution .

Warning: On the Internet many shops are looking to sell you electronic cigarettes “special” CBD, it makes no sense because any e-cigs will allow you to vapot your CBD mixture without damaging the coil.

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